Dear Governor Phil Murphy and members of the House of Legislature for the great State of New Jersey:

We, the undersigned, propose to have a new New Jersey state song – a song with a message for all the people from New Jersey, or people who might be thinking of settling down in the glorious garden state at some point in their life, and for all people, no matter where in the world they are, who want to sing proudly about New Jersey.The song is aptly titled, Everything You Long For (Is In New Jersey).The song written with lyrics by Matthew Hardy and music by Randy Klein for the new Broadway musical, Flambé Dreams, closes with the message: Everything You Long For Is In New Jersey.

We want to sing along.

We want to be proud.

We want to be heard.

Please sign and pass the law that Everything You Long For (Is In New Jersey) be made the official state song of the State of New Jersey.

Mike Cohen mark weinstein Pamela Linton
Cindy Lynn Paul Klein Paul-Michael Spodek
Brenda Judin Jay Leslie Liz Ulmer
Matthew Hardy Lena Adasheva Heidi T. Kalison
Glenn Kalison Randy Klein Erin Craig
Eric Webb Elizabeth Ulmer Barbara Ulmer
Tom Ulmer James Dawson Ruth Davis
Jessi Calabro Melpomene Katakalos Nancy Wojciechowski
Thomas Wojciechowski Matthew Dotzman


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